Content Warnings


This is where you'll find the full list of content warnings for all of my books.

If you've found your way here, it's probably because you're someone who appreciates the ability to check whether a book feels safe for you to read. If that's you, hi fellow human with trauma, I see you. Or, you may be someone who simply finds the world hard enough as it is and doesn't want to spend any more time feeling sad or distressed. Hi fellow sensitive humans, I see you too!

As a human who has personally experienced trauma, PTSD and who is also super sensitive, I get you. And I want to be clear right now: the purpose of every book I write is to make queer people feel seen, and for a big whack of dopamine from getting to fall in love. I want you to leave feeling uplifted and I will never write something for the sake of being shocking or with the intention of causing distress. I write pretty light, most of the time. Basically, if you're reading a Ruby Landers book, the dog won't die. I promise.

In saying that, I do write about complex humans, with big histories and back stories about how they've come to this moment (being hot, complex, falling in love and fucking everything up spectacularly) and they live in the same world we live in. I write on page trauma extremely rarely, very sparingly and always with great care. But I frequently will talk about harder themes, always with a light touch, and never with the intention of hurting anyone.

There are times in my life that I've experienced great healing from reading about people who have survived or shared an experience that I am struggling hard to work through. There's also times where I've been thrown down a rabbit hole of despair from a really light mention of something that is on no level able to be light for me in that moment. You yourself are the only person who can judge which of those places you are in. I wish you healing, encourage you to seek out support and send you my love.

Here are the warnings:

Two Tickets

Discussion of mental health including anxiety, depression and medication

Brief mention of past loss of a parent to cancer

Short on page depiction of emotional abuse within a romantic relationship

Falls From Grace

Ongoing, light mentions of addiction and past alcohol abuse

Brief mention of past suicidal ideation and attempt (no details)

Short on page depiction of emotional abuse from a previous romantic partner

Please take care

xx Ruby